How to Watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

British expats are living in many countries outside the United Kingdome and over 250,000 British people are living in New Zealand. Lots of Britains outside the UK are looking for a solution on how to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK. Does BBC iPlayer work in New Zealand, Can I get BBC iPlayer in New Zealand and lots of similar questions came to us. Are we are happy to tell you that YES! With Smart DNS solution from Aeroshield, you can get UK TV in New Zealand in a few minutes.

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BBC iPlayer is a great video streaming service, television, and radio from the popular BBC Company. You can review a huge number of TV programs and channels with BBC iPlayer. Unfortunately, this amazing video streaming is available only from the United Kingdome. When you are going abroad to business trip or vacation outside UK you cannot watch BBC iPlayer . Here we are going to discuss how you can watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand, Australia and any other country. This is safe and secure and works in 100% cases.

How Can I Get BBC iPlayer in New Zealand?

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Why People Love BBC iPlayer?

BBC iPlayer is popular all over the world and people love it not only in the UK but outside the country as well. With BBC iPlayer you can review various programs and great channels like comedy, travel, News, nature, sport and culture, Drama and food and much more.

With BBC iPlayer you can access your favorite programs even without an Internet connection. All you need is just download your favorite videos on BBC iPlayer before you go outside from your home. So you can review your favorite programs anywhere in the world.
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Now BBC iPlayer service is available on a huge range of different devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, computers, and smart TV. BBC iPlayer is a worldwide leader today among video providers. So how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad outside of the UK?

Why you cannot watch BBC iPlayer Abroad (Outside of the UK)?

BBC iPlayer is very popular among millions of internet users. Unfortunately, due to rights reasons, BBC iPlayer cannot be streamed outside the UK, even for UK citizens who go abroad on holidays. BBC iPlayer video service is only available in the UK.

If you are outside of the United Kingdom and would like to watch BBC iPlayer programs, you will be blocked and get the message:

“BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to the rights issue.”

This is the main problem why BBC iPlayer is not streamed outside of the UK. So is it possible to watch BBC iPlayer abroad (outside of the UK)?

Actually, BBC iPlayer uses a special technology that is called geo-blocking (geo-restrictions) to block all Internet users who are not in the UK. Geo-restrictions block access to some websites or Internet service. And when you cannot access BBC iPlayer outside UK – this is geo-restriction. Geo-blocking is a technical method used by companies or websites to limit people in a specific geographic location from accessing some website or service. Websites usually check your IP address and block it according to geo limits. Your IP address shows your geolocation and if it is not in the UK you cannot watch BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer can detect and check your device’s IP address to find out your location, if your IP address shows that you are not in the UK, you will soon be blocked. How to watch BBC iPlayer outside of the UK or how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad?

If you can hide your IP address you can easily bypass geo restrictions and watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Aeroshield service will help you to unblock BBC iPlayer and enjoy your favorite videos even when you are far from the UK.

Prior to September 2016, a television license was not required to stream either BBC television or radio programs from iPlayer which had already been broadcast, though a license was still required in order to watch live content. Since 1 September 2016, a television license is required to view any iPlayer content, both live and on-demand. Despite the requirement, the enforcement of this measure only uses a trust system, under which users must acknowledge a pop-up window warning of the new requirements.

In September 2016, the BBC also announced that users would eventually be required to sign in with a BBC ID account to use the service.

There are still BBC services you can use outside the UK, among them:

BBC iPlayer Radio

BBC podcasts

BBC News

BBC Sport

BBC Three YouTube channel