How to Unblock Roblox Trading in South Korea and others

Unblock Roblox trading

Korea has banned trading for all commercial games like Roblox Adopt me pet and others. Many people are looking for a simple and safe way to unblock Roblox trading in South Korea and some other countries.

The head of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that the main purpose of the games is for entertainment, academic, and other good purposes.

How to Unban Roblox in Korea

To unblock Roblox trading in South Korea you need only 3 simple steps. Please review below.

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Unblock Roblox Trading in South Korea

Roblox is also blocked in UAE.

Roblox Adopt Me Game

Roblox has tons of fantastic games to play and Adopt Me Pets is one of the most popular.

Adopt Me Pets game was released in June 2019. To get pets you need to hatch an egg. Players can also buy pets using Robux or event currencies, like Candy.

Currently, new players can get a free Starter Egg (which will only be able to hatch into a Cat or a Dog) from Sir Woofington.

Roblox Adopt Me Pets

There are currently five main types of pets: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, and legendary. The kind of pet players get is mostly dependent on chance; the more expensive an egg is, the greater the chance players have of hatching rarer pets. There are currently 74 total pets players can hatch from eggs.

The pets that cannot hatch from eggs are the following: Horse, Griffin, Penguin, Golden Penguin, Sloth, Zombie Buffalo, Shadow Dragon, Bat Dragon, Evil Unicorn, Bee, King Bee, Queen Bee, Frost Dragon, Elf Hedgehog, Elf Shrew, Reindeer, Santa Dog, Panda, Rat, Golden Rat, Monkey, Business Monkey, Toy Monkey, Ninja Monkey, Albino Monkey, Monkey King, Pet Rock, Scoob, Kitsune, Ginger Cat, Toucan, Starfish, Bat, Albino Bat, Pumpkin (Pet), Ghost Bunny, Skele-Rex, Cerberus, Robo Dog, Snowman, Lynx, Musk Ox, Yeti, Snow Owl, and Frost Fury.



Pets ➙

Pumpkin (Pet)
CommonBuffaloCatDogOtterChicken 3Robin C
Bandicoot 4Chick *Tasmanian Tiger 5Ground Sloth 5  
UncommonBlue Dog *Chocolate LabradorFennec FoxPink Cat *PumaSnow Cat
Meerkat 1Wild Boar 1Black Panther 2Capybara 2Silly Duck 3Drake 3
Wolf CDingo 4Pet RockTriceratops 5Stegosaurus 5Glyptodon 5
Bat HSnowman    
RareBeaverRabbitElephant 1Hyena 1BunnySnow Puma
Brown Bear 2Australian Kelpie 4Cow 3Pig 3Swan CPolar Bear C
Reindeer CShrew CRat *Emu 4MonkeyRhino 2
Woolly Mammoth 5Dilophosaurus 5Pterodactyl 5Musk OxLynx 
Ultra-RareFlamingo 1Horse RLion 1Red PandaShiba InuPenguin R
Crocodile 2Platypus 2Sloth RZombie Buffalo HBee RTurkey 3
Llama 3Arctic Fox CHedgehog CDalmatian C RPanda RKoala 4
Frog 4Ginger CatToucanStarfishBusiness Monkey BToy Monkey B
Sabertooth 5Deinonychus 5Albino Bat HGhost Bunny HYeti 
LegendaryDragonGiraffe 1Griffin RUnicornGolden Penguin RParrot 2
Shadow Dragon H RBat Dragon HKing Bee RQueen Bee ROwl 3Crow 3
Frost Dragon C RArctic Reindeer CTurtle 4Kangaroo 4Golden Unicorn GGolden Griffin G
Golden Dragon GDiamond Unicorn DDiamond Griffin DDiamond Dragon DAlbino Monkey BMonkey King B
Ninja Monkey BKitsune REvil Unicorn HGolden Rat *Dodo 5T-Rex 5
Skele-Rex HCerberus H RRobo Dog RSnow OwlFrost Fury R 


1 Safari Egg pets; can only be obtained from Safari Eggs

2 Jungle Egg pets; can only be obtained from Jungle Eggs

3 Farm Egg pets; can only be obtained from Farm Eggs

4 Aussie Egg pets; can only be obtained from Aussie Eggs

5 Fossil Egg pets; can only be obtained from Fossil Eggs

H Could only have been obtained during the Halloween Event (2019) or the Halloween Event (2020)

G Can only be obtained from the Golden Egg through Star Rewards

D Can only be obtained from the Diamond Egg through Star Rewards

C Could only have been obtained during the Christmas Event (2019)

B Can only be obtained from the Monkey Boxes.


When Roblox Trading was banned?

For players whose accounts are registered in Korean, trading was disabled in-game on Wednesday 16th Sep 2020. 

Other games blocked in South Korea

Some other games are blocked in South Korea as well.

Mortal Kombat (2011) Banned in Korea due to of excessive violence and cruelty.
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory was blocked before 2006 as it depicts a war between North Korea and South Korea.
Homefront  is restricted because of its negative portrayal of a unified Korea under Northern rule.
Danganronpa V3 The September 2017 release was canceled because of a case in South Korea where a 17-year-old girl killed and dismembered an 8-year-old child. The game was banned to prevent controversies.

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