How to Unblock Hotstar in Mauritius [July 2024 Update]

Mauritius is a fantastic paradise island. A beautiful ocean and amazing nature do not leave you a lot of time to watch TV. But in case you would like to unblock Hotstar from Mauritius you can use Aeroshiled services to unblock Hotstar from outside India. Usually, Hotstar is not available outside India, but if you are using tools like VPN or Smart DNS you can easily enable Hotstar in Mauritius. Please read below are you will get all the answers.

Many people know about VPN for changing IP, but not many know about SMART DNS. This is a special tool, that changes IP address of your device and lets you access Hotstar, Star Sports, and other blocked content from Mauritius, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Australia, and any other country.


How to Setup Aeroshield Smart DNS to access Hotstar in Mauritius

To Watch Hotstar Outside India

Step 1. First of all, you need to authorize your local IP to use our Smart DNS and THEN SETUP it on your device.

Step 2. Click Add button to authorize access from your current IP (detects automatically).

Step 3. To set up Smart DNS on your device please review the instructions HERE.

Choose your device and follow the instructions.

Why Use Smart DNS for Hotstar outside India?

There are several reasons why use Aeroshield smart DNS for Hotstar:
  1. It is much cheaper than a VPN!
  2. You can get Hotstar outside India for Indian prices. Such as, Hotstar year subscription in India costs around $19, while in the UK and USA its price is about $99! That’s a huge difference!

For Indian TV:

Please note:

All the other DNS IPs must be deleted.

Leave only our Smart DNS IP.

Clear cache and cookie files in your browser (in case you access Hotstar using a browser).

Most popular questions about Hotstar in Mauritius

We regularly get such inquiries from our visitors:

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How to Unblock Hotstar without VPN?

Unblock Hotstar in Mauritius

So to watch Hotstar outside India you can use a simple Smart DNS service.


Smart DNS helps to change your IP address virtually and so you can access your favorite Hotstar videos from Mauritius, Nepal, UAE, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, Canada, USA, Australia or any other country outside India.

Aeroshield Smart DNS also works for Star Sports outside India.

You can set up Smart DNS directly on your TV or smartphone.

5 steps to unblock Hotstar from Mauritius

1. Select a secure VPN or Smart DNS service provider

2. Get your account.

3. Get all the instructions to your email.

4. Setup Smart DNS on your device. In case you decided to use a VPN — make a VPN connection.

5. Use Hotstar from Nepal with no issues.

Using Smart DNS to watch Hotstar or Star Sports from Mauritius is safe and super easy.

GET YOUR SMART DNS FREE TRIAL right now and enjoy your favorite videos.

Staying at home is highly important now during the quarantine.

So, please stay at home!

Many people report some problems with Hotstar in Mauritius