How to Unblock Blued in Indonesia Bali

Blued is one of the world’s popular gay online dating app. Some time ago it was blocked in Indonesia due to some the country’s policy. However, we at Aeroshield, believe that all the people need a freedom to express themselves. We are happy to introduce a simple and secure solution on how to unblock Blued if it is blocked for any reason.

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3 steps to Unblock Blued

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What is Blued

Blued is one of the most popular dating app for men. With Blued you can connect with friends, send text and voice messages and even live stream.

According to Google trends, Blued is the most popular dating app in Indonesia

While Hornet is number one worldwide.


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Why Use VPN in Indonesia

Using VPN in Indonesia is an absolute must-have. Especially if you are going to use Hornet, Grindr on Bali Indonesia or similar apps. Indonesia has a very strict policy regarding such relationships.

Legal Code Summary

Sexual acts between consenting adult males are criminalized in Indonesia. A person convicted of committing these acts may be subject one or more of the following:

Severe Penalties

  • Death penalty
    • Death penalty a possibility in for Muslims in Aceh Province


  • The criminal code indicates prison as a possible penalty, but a minimum or maximum term is not specified


  • The criminal code indicates fines as a possible penalty, but amounts are not specified
  • Possible in Palembang, South Sumatra

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Dating Apps Blocked in Indonesia

Blued is not the only application blocked in the country.

The Ministry of Communications and Information in Indonesia asked Google to block access to 73 LGBTI themed apps in its Play Store.

Chinese-own Blued boasts 40 million users worldwide. More than 600,000 of those are in Indonesia with Blued saying it could not believe it had been blocked.

Blued has been providing services to the Indonesian gay community for almost two years.

We strictly obeyed Google’s policy and worked with local LGBT organizations to provide various services such as HIV-prevention.