How to Unblock Snapchat in UAE

Unblock Snapchat in UAE

Snapchat’s video call function simplifies chatting in a virtual face-to-face setting. Regrettably, several nations, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have restricted access to the app’s video chat feature. The positive aspect is that employing a virtual private network (VPN) enables the unblocking of Snapchat’s video calling in the UAE, With Aeroshield you can also unblock Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and any other Voice Calling service.

3 Steps to Unblock Snapchat in UAE

1. Get your secure VPN account (see below)

2. Hide your Whatsapp traffic with invisible and 100% secure Aeroshield VPN. TRY for FREE

3. Connect and use Whatsapp video calls without any problems.


Is the utilization of a VPN permissible in the United Arab Emirates?

There’s significant confusion surrounding the UAE’s laws regarding VPN usage. The issue arose from a 2016 modification to a federal law that prohibits the use of a “false IP address or third-party address… for the intent of committing a crime or obstructing its detection.”

Employing a VPN to unblock Snapchat in UAE, or for browsing, streaming, communication, or connecting to private networks doesn’t contravene the UAE’s regulations. Users have the liberty to utilize VPNs for various purposes, provided their activities don’t involve actions typically considered illegal.

5 Tips to select a Good VPN for Snapchat

For newcomers to online privacy, deciphering VPN terminology like encryption protocols and port numbers can be like decoding a foreign language. To simplify this, we’ve delineated the most crucial features in a concise list below. Following this, we present our top recommendations for the finest VPN services.

  1. Zero-logging policy – A VPN’s foundation in online data privacy lies in its logging policy. Opt for VPNs with stringent zero-logging policies to safeguard against storing traffic and user histories, preserving your online security.
  2. Device compatibility – Given Snapchat’s primary use on mobile devices, ensure your chosen VPN supports iOS and Android operating systems for effective unblocking of video calling.
  3. Fast speeds – Bandwidth-intensive applications like VoIP and Snapchat video messages require substantial data usage. Select a VPN provider prioritizing high-speed connections to avoid diminished video and audio quality.
  4. Server distribution – VPNs with a broad server network heighten the likelihood of discovering a swift connection. While UAE server locations aren’t mandatory, proximity often correlates with improved performance.
  5. Traffic restrictions – Some VPNs enforce limitations on P2P networks, torrent traffic, or impose download quotas. This restriction may result in Snapchat being blocked even when connected to the VPN. Hence, understanding these policies is crucial.

5 Snapchat Alternatives in UAE

Several messaging and social media platforms offer features akin to Snapchat. Here are a few alternatives frequently used by individuals seeking similar functionalities:

  1. Instagram: Instagram, especially with its “Stories” feature, offers a platform for sharing temporary content, including photos and videos, similar to Snapchat’s format.
  2. WhatsApp: While not entirely identical, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encrypted messaging, and its “Status” feature allows users to share temporary updates, somewhat resembling Snapchat Stories.
  3. Facebook Messenger: Messenger also incorporates a “Stories” feature, allowing users to share ephemeral content within the app.
  4. TikTok: TikTok focuses on short-form video content and allows users to create and share entertaining videos with various editing features, akin to Snapchat’s video-sharing aspect.
  5. Telegram: Telegram offers messaging features along with the ability to create and share temporary content using their “Channels” and “My Day” features.