How To Setup Smart DNS in Windows 11

Right click on Windows start button and click Settings.


Choose ‘Network and Internet’ and scroll down to Advanced network settings.


Select your network WiFi (or Ethernet).


Click View additional properties.


Click Edit button opposite DNS Server assignment.


Switch from Automatic to Manual.
Put your Smart DNS IP to Preffered DNS field.
Alternate DNS must be empty
Below IPv6 must be switch to Off (it’s a Important).

Click Save.


Click the “Search” icon at the bottom and type the word “cmd”. You will see black icon of cmd.exe program. Click it.

In the open prompt, type “ipconfig /flushdns” (without the quotes).

You should receive a message of your success as confirmation when the cache is cleared.

Also delete your browser cache or open new private/Incognito window in the browser.


In case you are using Google Chrome browser you need to deactivate internal Chrome DNS.
Deactivating it causes Chrome to use your system setting for DNS.

Click 3 points in the right upper corner, choose Settings, scroll down
to ‘Privacy and Security’ section, pick Security there, scroll down to
Advanced, uncheck ‘Use secure DNS’. Restart Chrome browser.