Roobet USA – How to Play Roobet in US [July 2024 Update]

Roobet USA

We all love having a good time playing fun games. Online gambling is one of the most popular time spending nowadays especially during the quarantine when you cannot visit your friends or go to other places. Roobet is a newly launched but already extremely popular crypto casino online. You can deposit and withdraw with bitcoin or ethereum in Roobet. Unfortunately,  this casino is not available in some countries and regions. So many players from USA, UK, Germany, Canada and other places are using a secure and invisible VPN for Roobet.

Great news for Roobet players! This online casino offers a special bonus of 0.001 BTC (No Deposit)  for new players.

3 Steps to Play Roobet from the United States

1. Get your secure VPN  (select Argentina, Italy, Ukraine or other NON US server). Below you can find best Roobet VPN locations for US, UK.

2. Get your unique Roobet account that is registered and verified in one of the allowed countries  (don’t skip this step).

3. Play Roobet US without any limits!

You can get some free money on Roobet using no deposit Roobet promo codes.

Before playing Roobet in the US please make sure, you are protected on-line to avoid any problems.

Using Roobet VPN is the most secure and reliable way to stay anonymous and safe.

Best VPN for Roobet

We have tested many different VPN services and selected the top 3 Roobet vpn for you. Here they are:

1.  Nord VPN

Nord VPN is a perfect secure VPN solution. Stable and secure connection, good support and reasonable prices.

  • Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No bandwidth or data limits for VPN traffic
  • Can connect 6 devices to one NordVPN account at the same time
  • 5,000+ servers in 60+ countries (the numbers are constantly growing.

Get the NordVPN app for all your devices

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Android TV
  • tvOS
  • Firestick
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Chromebook
  • Chromecast
  • Kindle Fire
  • Oculus Quest

2. Express VPN

Express VPN is a great service for your online security. They offer various applications to use VPN of different devices and really fast VPN servers in 94 countries, so you definitely can choose the country to play Roobet from. It must not be USA location. Express VPN offers reasonable prices and 30 days money back guaranty. You do not risk in any case.

Besides that, you can order Express VPN not only with Credit Card or Paypal but with Bitcoin as well.

Roobet VPN - how to play Roobet from US

VPn for Roobet US

3. SurfShark 

  • Speed-oriented 1700+ server network spans over 110+ locations, 66 countries
  • Apps for Windows | Mac | Linux | iOS | Android | Chrome | Firefox | Fire TV | Android TV
  • Cheap price and money back guarantee.

Most popular questions about Roobet US

How to play Roobet in USA?

Some people are is Roobet legal in US?  Well, Roobet is not available in the USA due to Net restrictions. Many people are searching how to play Roobet in US. Unfortunately, you cannot play games in this crypto casino with an American IP address. However, if you can mask your IP address with a secure and reliable VPN you can play any games without any limits. You can use an invisible VPN to bypass blocks. All you need is just any of the allowed regions, like Canada, Hong Kong, or another Roobet available region.

How to play Roobet in California

Can you play your favorite Roobet games in California? Well, online casinos like online sportsbooks are not regulated in California. It is safe and legal to gamble Roobet in California if you are protected with a secure VPN. The industry is not regulated. Besides that Roobet offshore online bitcoin casino, so just keep your privacy under control and enjoy Roobet in USA.

How to play Roobet in Texas

The Texas Constitution currently prohibits any gambling. So if you decide to play Roobet casino we highly recommend protect yourself with a secure and reliable VPN.

How to play Roobet in Florida

Casino games and gambling are allowed in Florida and, in fact, there are some world-class casinos found here. Roobet casino, Sports betting, lottery betting and bingo games are also legal here. However, you still need a VPN to play Roobet in Florida because this bitcoin casino is not available for this region.

Roobet Arizona

Gambling is allowed in Arizona! That’s great news! All you’ll need is just to be 21 years of age. You can easily buy lottery tickets, scratch cards, or charitable bingo cards. Betting and casinos are also legal. The minimum age for online betting is 18.

To play Roobet in Arizona just use a secure VPN for Roobet.

How to play Roobet in blocked region

To plat Roobet casino from any region just be sure you are using a secure VPN to protect your privacy.

VPN masks your IP address and makes you completely anonymous and protected while you are playing games online.

Where is Roobet legal

Roobet is legal in many countries. Below you can find a list of countries where Roobel gamble is allowed.

Roobet region available

Brazil* (some games are not available)
Canada* (some branded games are restricted)
Costa Rica
Peru * some restrictions

  • Azerbaijan * some restrictions applied
  • Belgium ** regulated territories
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina ***- Universal Monsters game not available
  • Croatia – *** only Universal Monsters not available
  • Cyprus – *** only Universal Monsters restricted
  • Estonia * some restrictions
  • Finland ***
  • Greece ***
  • Hungary ***
  • Iceland ***
  • Ireland ***
  • Latvia ** regulated territories
  • Liechtenstein ***
  • Lithuania ** regulated territories
  • Luxembourg ***
  • Malta ***
  • Moldova ***
  • Monaco ***
  • Montenegro ***
  • Netherlands ***
  • North Macedonia
  • Norway ***
  • Poland ***
  • Portugal ** regulated territories
  • Romania ** regulated territories
  • Serbia ** regulated territories
  • Slovakia ***
  • Slovenia ***
  • Sweden ** regulated territories
  • Switzerland ** regulated territories
  • Turkey * some restrictions applied
  • Ukraine * some restrictions applied

* some restrictions applied
** regulated territories – only permitted to offer if receipt of a license from the local regulator which has been seen and approved by NetEnt
***- Universal Monsters game not available

What is the minimum deposit in Roobet Casino US

Roobet is a crypto casino, so you can deposit in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Minimus deposit in Roobet Casino is 1$ or about 0,000077 BTC depending on Bitcoin course – it changes every minute, so please check the course.

Start playing with Roobet Promo code.

Games you can play Roobet in the US

On Roobet you can play Slots, Game shows, Crash, Blackjack, Baccarat, Towers, Roulette, Dice, Mines, and many others.

Playing Roobet Crash from US

Roobet Crash game is extremely popular today. It is super easy to play and you can win and withdraw the money instantly!

You can use a VPN to Play Roobet Crash from USA, UK, or any other country.

Play Roobet Carsh from UK

Roobet Unblocked

Unfortunately, Roobet is not allowed is the following countries:

Aruba, Austria, Bonaire, Curacao, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Germany, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Hungary, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark.

So, if you are a lucky citizen of one of the countries above, it is not a problem – just use a VPN for Roobet and forget about the limits.

On this map you can check if roobet is allowed in your country.

So where can you play Roobet? That is really simple – just select any nonrestricted country when you are using a VPN for Roobet.

VPN masks your IP address and helps to unblock Roobet online casino. This is simple, safe, and reliable.

Where Roobet is Blocked?

Roobet is limited in many countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Italy. Here you can find all Roobet blocked regions and countries where this crypto casino is working. Find out more about Roobet restrictions.

There are also many other counties where different Roobet games are limited.

You can always use a VPN to Play Roobet in US and win!

How to Deposit on Roobet crypto casino

Roobet is crypto casino, so you can deposit and withdraw only in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

After your registration, you will see the green button Deposit on the top of the page.

Image for post

Click Deposit button and you will see the next page:

Image for post

Here you can see two options for a deposit in Roobet: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If you have cryptocurrencies just transfer some amount to the Roobet bitcoin address.

In case you don’t have any bitcoins you can buy some.

Roobet recommends some websites for exchange. Sure, you can select anyone.

After you deposit you can see your amount in the top of the page.

Now you can play and win on Roobet!

How to Withdraw from bitcoin casino Roobet

When you decide to withdraw the money from Roobet you need to confirm your email address.

Click on your username in the top right corner and you will see the dropdown menu:

  • Cashier

Image for post

Select Account and enter your email address.


Image for post

Check your email and confirm Roobet account via the instructions in the email.

After this step you can withdraw the money from Roobet.

Please note! You can withdraw only in the currency which you deposited.

Such as, if you deposited Bitcoin you can withdraw Bitcoin. If you deposited Ethereum you can withdraw Ethereum.

Roobet US Promo Code

Roobet promo codes can help you to start Roobet gambling without spending any money. Just enter a Roobet promo code and enjoy your favorite games.

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