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Duel Poker is a hugely popular title here at Duelbits casino and it’s easy to see why.

Duel Poker is a unique community-based game where every 10 seconds, a round of poker gets played. This round of poker is played between two players.

Not heard of Duel Poker before but fancy entering the battle to put your poker playing skills to the test? Read on to find out more…

How does it work?

Duel Poker is a card game in which two pairs play against each other. Each player gets eight cards, 1-7, and a Joker.

The rules are straightforward. Each player reveals one card each round, and the player with the highest-valued card wins.

If two players reveal the same valued card the cards cancel each other out and the next highest card will win the round. It’s that simple.

The popularity of Duel Poker is growing every day. You can play it today at Duelbits. Do not wait around. You will regret it.

How to play Duel Poker

Duel Poker is simple to follow and understand, making it one of the easiest card games to play here at Duelbits.

To start, five community cards are dealt face down with two hole cards.

One of the five community cards is then revealed.

You then bet a stake by selecting a chip you believe could help them win. Just click on the betting area.

Please take note that you have 15 seconds to place all your bets. After that, the betting round will come to an end.

If you wish to increase your bet size, press on the betting area and wait for the game to play out.

You win your prize if at least one of your bets matches the result after all the cards are revealed.

How to win

To win your bet, correctly predict what the winning hand will look like.

If you have a winning card or a pair, you will win the round and receive a payout of 1:2.2.

Land two pairs of any kind and gain a payout of 1:3.

If you’re lucky enough to get a full house, you will get a reward of 1:20.2

Get four of a kind or above, you are in the money. A payout of 1:255.5 will be heading your way!

Top Tips

As someone new to a game, you always want tips to improve. Here are just some ways you can make your gaming experience enjoyable.

Quickly repeat your previous bet by clicking on the Repeat Bet button.

Don’t like the available chip selection? No problem. You can create a custom chip of your desired denomination by entering the value and clicking ‘Create’

You can also check previous results by clicking on the clock icon in the top right corner – this helps you gain a better idea of what is to come.

Play Duel Poker at Duelbits today

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